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miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012


Some days I arrive at home very, very tired to prepare my dinner. These are days in which I would go to bed without dinner. Probably I would if it wasn´t because my stomach is roaring.

Then I open my fridge to find out that there is no much left: a couple of yogurts, some piece of fruit, eggs, milk, maybe an onion, a tomato, but not much. And it is at this moment when this question comes to me:

Should I prepare an omelette?

But suddenly I remember that I had omelette the night before. I am very hungry and I want something more filling for my dinner.

A pasta dish is always a good solution. It is a quick, simple and filling dinner. That will do.

So in this case my choice was "fideuá", a kind of short spanish noodles, which happen to be one of my favourite pasta dishes. Luckily enough, there was some spanish "chorizo" in the fridge. 

If you don´t know what "chorizo" is, I can tell you that "chorizo" is a thick pork sausage. Its red colour is given by paprika. You can find chorizos in every butcher in Spain. They are sold fresh (need to be cooked) or cured (ready to eat).

So the recipe I had that night was:


This recipe has simple ingredients which usually can be found easily in the kitchen. Well, ok, maybe "chorizo" is not one of those easily-to-find things, specially if you don´t live in Spain. Specifacally, it is not  something you would like to have at home if you are on diet. Temptations are not to be close to you. But, in this particular case, YES, I had chorizo in my fridge.

Note: This recipe is better cooked and boiled in a pan.


- Garlic (1 clove)
- 1/2 small onion
- Tomate (ripe, if possible)
- Paprika
- Olive oil (1 spoon)
- Salt
- Chorizo
- Spanish noodles (Fideua). Any other types of short noodles can be used.
- Water for boiling (1 1/2 glass of water)

This recipe is quite simple:

1. Chop the vegetables.
2. Fry the garlic, the onion and the tomato.
3. Then add the sliced chorizo, and cook it for a while.
4. Add a bit of paprika. And quickly, before paprika get burnt:
5. Finnaly, add the noodles and the water. Don´t forger the salt and cook it  gently ´till there is no water.

Maybe this is no the right dish for a late light dinner, I know, but...

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